Here are some simple yet potent elixirs I discovered amongst the Tamil Siddhas , the Yogis of South India.

Tirikatukam (the threefold pungency) is highly esteemed for its cleansing and rejuvenating power.  It is a combination of zingiberos (ginger, dry), piper nigrum (black pepper) and piper longum (long pepper) mixed with raw honey (to taste) to form a paste that is to be taken at or before noon. It is best to mix the powders in a half-jar of honey.  I always take a half-teaspoon to fire me up for my morning yoga practice. 

Another favorite of the Siddhas is a mixture of cumin seeds, turmeric and white mustard seed powdered together (according to taste) and taken twice monthly.  Turmeric destroys bacteria, including salmonella and has anti-cancer properties.  The powders leech out toxins and promote youthfulness.

The Siddhas say that garlic and lemons should be used daily (though not necessarily together!) as they create a blood environment in which viruses, parasites and bacteria struggle to survive. Lemons, rich in vitamin C, are also a digestant, appetiser, antiseptic, anti flatulent and are good for the liver. The acids in lemon juice are metabolised during digestion and create potassium carbonate which helps neutralise over-acidity in the blood. The juice is said to protect the mucus lining of the stomach. 

Some of the Siddhas I met considered garlic to be the king of the healing herbs. Scientific studies seem to support this idea as garlic has been proven to be effective against cancer, heart problems, infectious diseases, asthma, rheumatism, arthritis and gout.  Onions also share similar qualities but to a lesser extent. Onions do have the ability to draw toxins from the body.   

 Ginseng has since ancient times been prized amongst Taoist Yogis for its fortifying properties although i prefer Amla ,which is the fruit of the Indian gooseberry . Powdered or fresh it is favoured by the Siddhas as a rejuvenator and I like to consume it mixed with honey and yoghurt .

An elixir of the Ancient Egyptians apparently was a 50/50 blend of cider vinegar and raw honey, said to tweak health and break down acid crystals within the body. I find it a very effective gargle for protecting and soothing the vocal chords. It tastes good too although it must be well diluted .

The Siddha physicians and Yogis esteem the works of the legendary Agastya, an immortal Yogic alchemist who is often credited as originating the lineage of Tamil Siddhas. I once tried to locate him in the Pothigai hills, amongst the Western Ghats in Kerala. He is said to reside there to this day although i couldn't find him !

Pure water is also obviously noted for its healing power. In regard to this, the most refreshing and pure waters I know of can be found at the white and red springs flowing from the base of Glastonbury Tor, in Somerset.  The red spring is rich in iron.  

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