Play a piece of music made by no more than five or six instruments.  The music will flow to you from everywhere, from all directions, but the idea is to focus on following the flow of only two or three instruments simultaneously, with total attention, while excluding the rest.

 It requires high concentration to immerse in the music while simultaneously “holding”  and following the melody or sound of two or three instruments . The sustained effort may reward you with a blissful feeling (mind orgasms can abound) and a vastly enriched appreciation of harmonious vibrations. The main thing is that we are developing our power to concentrate and meditate through sound .

Adagios and the tranquil movements of the classical masters Bach, Mozart and Beethoven are ideal for sound meditation. The piano music of the mystic G.I. Gurdjieff and the Russian composer Thomas De Hartmann also work well along with traditional and sacred world music. Experiment with all kinds of Instrumental music and see what happens to your head.

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