Earth life begins with our first act of inspiration allowing life energy to flow into us and feed and awaken our beings.  The yogis use one word to describe both air and life energy - prana. When you inhale it isn’t only oxygen and other gases in their combined form of air that you pull in from the atmosphere but the pranic life-force air contains.

Most of us are very shallow breathers, and unknowingly starve the cells of oxygen, thus creating an ideal environment for disease. Oxygen wipes out parasites, yeast, bacteria and viruses in the body. Pranayama is the name given to yogic breathing exercises like the one below.  As you breathe you should keep your tongue on the roof of the mouth. If you start to say the word "love" your tongue will naturally assume the correct positioning . This will facilitate the flow of energy and yogically induced harmonal saliva that is healthy to swallow. Throughout the practice breathe softly in a relaxed manner.

Close your eyes. Sit in a comfortable yoga pose or simply in a chair with your spine straight and shoulders relaxed.  Imagine summertime and you are in the high white Alps where the air blows cool and clear. Imagine the air around you is an ocean of energy. On the in-breath draw the energy out of the atmosphere in through your nose. Allow it to go down to your center, the lower abdomen. Sense the in-flow expand the belly, and as you breathe out through the nose gently contract the muscles of your lower abdomen inwards towards the navel. The abdomen will rise all by itself as if by magic as you release and take in the air on your next breath. Now place your palms on your kidneys , fingers pointing towards the lumbar region of the spine. As you inhale allow the whole area to expand, as you exhale to contract.

Relaxing your arms back down by your sides repeat and pause in the gaps between each breath. Next allow the sides of your belly to move , from just above your hip bones to the area underneath the bottom of your ribs , expanding as you inhale , relaxing as you exhale.

The idea is to bring movement to all parts of the belly simultaneously . Remember to breathe through your nose unless medical problems require that you breathe with your mouth slightly open. Nasal breathing gives you more control and can help you to filter out germs as well as calm the nerves.

Yoga breathing on the in-breath the abdomen expands and on the out-breath the abdomen softly sinks. As you inhale you can also sense the breath gently expanding from the kidneys to the lumbar region of the spine and to sides of the belly beneath the rib cage to create a full round breath

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