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An Interview with Steve Avian of Shamayoga

What kind of Yoga do your trainees teach?

“Every school has a particular emphasis. Mine is very practical. There is a focus on traditional Hatha Yoga practices and postures and a foundation in the underlying principles and spiritual aspects. There are lots of opinions about all things yogic. I encourage my students to know the difference between opinions and yoga principles. I like my students to think for themselves. Because I teach small groups (up to 12) I can respond to their individual interests and the direction they would like their teaching to go. Some students go on to emphasise physical fitness and others the more subtle, meditative aspects. As well as starting their own classes some have gone on to teach in gyms, hospitals, schools, community centres and in the workplace etc. It’s all great. ”

Who is the training for? Who can be a yoga teacher?

“Rather than trying to get students to fit my yoga, I want to bring out …